Farmington Gardens Wedding | M + J |

2019 wedding season kicked off with a bang with this hysterical, emotional and crazy wedding!
Walking down the hallway leading to the girls room we could hear the excitement echoing down the halls.
We could use a lot of words to describe these girls, quiet wouldn’t be one of them….
We weren’t one step in the room yet and we were greeted like lifelong friends not only by Miranda but the entire wedding party.
It was a great way to start 2019!

Miranda and Jesse celebrated their union amongst family and friends at the beautiful Farmington Gardens, in Farmington, Connecticut.
Happy faces packed the picturesque glass greenhouse as Miranda and Jesse vowed their lifelong commitment to each other.
Miranda and Jesse shared a special moment prior to going down the aisle.
Separated by a door, each took turns reading emotionally charged personal vows to each other.
The reception was kicked off with a cocktail hour that featured lawn games, a cigar bar, and a patio with a firepit for lounging.
That all changed when the dance floor opened up!
These guys came to party and weren’t showing any signs of letting up as we packed our equipment and called it quits.
Miranda and Jesse - ( and your welcoming bridal party and family! ) Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share in one of the happiest moments in your life. It was truly an honor to have been able to document such a special occasion!