Devolve Imaging

A bit about us

Meet the Devolve’s, Troy, steffanie, olivia, liam, and 6 month old boxer, tucker. when we aren’t photographing weddings we try and keep busy with seasonal activities. In the summer its chilling at the beach, or riding around on quads. This winter we went skiing for the first time as a family. We love just about any outdoor activity, but our favorite time of year is late summer and early fall when we can just chill out in the yard with a drink in hand, enjoying a campfire.
We love the patriots, pumpkin spice coffee and lazy sundays in PJ’s.


  • We shot our first wedding back in 2010. 2019 will be our 9th wedding season! Things have changed a lot in the past 9 years. Our vision and style constantly evolve.

  • We both love great pre-ceremony pictures over reception pictures

  • Canon lovers.

  • We have a list of favorite venues based on food alone. We will never tell!

  • Our favorite time of year to shoot a wedding is fall.

  • If we could control the timeline of a wedding, the ceremony would be two hours before sunset. Every time.

  • We love first looks. a lot.

  • Go to drink at a wedding is a Diet Coke. Sometimes I'll order two at time so I don't have to wait in lines at the bar. 

  • prefer natural light over artificial. moody goodness.


  • Have been married for 11 years.

  • A perfect Sunday would be at home cooking on the grill watching the pats.

  • We’ve done the Disney vacation and much prefer relaxing at the beach.

  • Troy's go to drink when not at a wedding. tito’s and ginger ale.

  • Steffanie's  drink of choice - Sangria, white preferred, but wine is wine.

  • Troy's favorite activities involve fishing and quads.

  • Steffanie's favorite activity is napping. If she sits on the couch after 2pm she WILL fall asleep. I got pics to prove it.



We hope to not only work with, but get to know our couples on some personal level. The great thing about this business is the connections you make with people.
We love working with fun, easy going, real people. We want to find couples who enjoy our style of photography .
If you think we are a good fit for each other shoot us a message, we would love to grab a cup of coffee and hear your vision. 

we would love to connect