how does this all work?

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.
Of course we would rather answer them in person over a cup of delicious coffee and a treat.

Do you book more than one wedding per day?
NO! As a matter of fact I don't take any other bookings,  weddings, or otherwise that day. I don't need that stress!

  • What is a print release?
    Print release is a written agreement that allows you to print pictures at a store or printing company of your choice.
    You can share your print release with family and friends. Just be sure to take it with you in store. 

  • How do I get my pictures?
    You will receive your pictures in two ways. One, on a custom USB flash drive that will have both color and Black & White.
    Two, a private print shop that will house all of your color images.

  • What is the Print Shop? Do I need to order prints from you?
    The print shop is an optional online print store where you can order prints. You aren't required to order prints from me but the print shop is a great option for out of state family and friends and also a great way to view all the photos.

  • Are my pictures watermarked or low resolution?
    No, there will be no watermarks on your photos and they will be full resolution.

  • How long before we receive our pictures?
    Typically around 4 weeks. I love editing and move pretty fast but I would rather surprise you and have them done early than tell you they will be done faster and disappoint.

  • How many images will we receive?
    Weddings are fluid and there is no way of saying for sure EXACTLY how many shots you will end up with. I don't like to give my clients bad pictures just to pad numbers.
    Typically you will end up with approximately 75 color images per hour.

  • Can we get the negatives or RAWS?
    No. No. No. If we thought a photo was good enough to print we will include it. Trust your photographer, not every photo is a winner. Nobody needs those photos!

  • What if you get sick or have an emergency and can't make our wedding?
    First off, I hope that never happens but as life goes you can never say for certain what will happen in the next hour let alone on a date a year out. 
    If for some god awful reason (and it would have to be for me to not make a wedding!) I have a list of quality photographers that I know could help me if need be.

  • Do your packages include a 2nd photographer?
    Yes! My wife Steffanie assists me as a 2nd photographer for every wedding.

  • Do I really need to do an engagement shoot?
    Short answer is no. But, they are a great way of getting comfortable with having a camera in your face. Plus they make for some great shots of you as a couple not wearing wedding attire.

  • What is the payment structure?
    10% due when we sign the contract, the rest is due on the day of the wedding.

  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes! You can pay online or in person. 

  • Are there any additional fees like a travel charge?
    The only additional fee is CT sales tax (6.35%). We don't typically add travel fees unless the distance to the wedding is greater than 2 hours. 

  • How far do you travel for a wedding?
    We typically stick to Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. But for the right wedding we would be willing to extend that boundary!