Fern Forest Engagement

So many of our couples describe their perfect engagement location as
a magical woodsy forest with lots of greenery.
Living in Connecticut you would think that would be so easy to find.
Unfortunately, no two forests are created equal,
you cannot just go into any woods and have the feeling couples envision.

Luckily for us we have behind our home the most
lush, fern lined magical pine forest you could ever hope to encounter.

Keighley and Victor jumped on the quads and we went out exploring.
They are one of those couples that spent their entire session laughing and having fun.
We chased the sun as it peaked through the tall pines and warmed the forest floor.
Discovered a natural ceremony arch that would make Etsy jealous.
Then finished the night off with a pop of champagne and cooled off with a quick quad ride back to civilization.

Can’t wait to share in their big day next year!