Brie & Chris Wedding

Oh My Gosh!!! What can we possibly say about this wedding!!!!

First of all, just to have been chosen to document this day was an absolute honor…I don’t know if you’re all aware but the Wright’s Farm team is a true “farmily”. They are super close knit, and treat those in the fold as though they are actual family. Curt, Trish, Brie & Chris are all truly amazing people to their core. Just so generous with their kind words!

Wright’s Farm itself is an absolute gem! You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location to say you’re “I do’s” with all your family & friends there as witnesses. For Brie & Chris their was no question that they had to make their vows to each other official in the place closest to both their hearts.

What made this day even more incredible is that after Brie & Chris became Mr. & Mrs. everyone headed over to Stonehurst at Hampton Valley for the reception! Party Time!

Brie’s father stole the show when he and close friend and officiant Mark, coordinated a special video dedicated to Brie.
You have to check it out:

It seems like the perfect collaboration to me, Brie knowing that it would be impossible for her to truly sit back & just enjoy her reception at Wright’s because of that coordinator blood coursing through her veins decided that letting Jenna & her team over at Stonehurst take charge of the reception was the perfect solution.

Part 1

- The Boys -
Stonehurst Hampton Valley

Part 2

Wright’s Mill Farm

Part 3
- Reception -
Stonehurst Hampton Valley

Troy Dev