At-Home Lifestyle Session

If you haven’t heard of at-home lifestyle sessions yet, you are missing out on a seriously good time.
Who can do these sessions?
Engagement? Yep.
Married? Definitely!
What married couple wants to ever leave home anyway? Not us.
Dating? Of course.
Crack a bottle of wine and enjoy a date night at home.
You can have killer photos done without leaving your front door, or your pj’s haha.

Its really that simple. Prepare your favorite snack, chill out with your love, and the best part, you can have the game on so you don’t miss a play.
Lindsey and Ryan cooked up some mean bruschetta’s, played with Obi, their 11 month old golden retriever and watched the Bruins roll through the Hurricanes.

Awesome! How do we get started?

Troy Dev