Devolve Imaging Photography | Documenting The Day

Documenting the day 
Our favorite part of photographing weddings is being in the moment.

Forget posing for photos, we want to capture the magic in real time.
The laughs, the tears, the heart stopping moments filmed in documentary style fashion. 

You can't create moments
you can only capture them.

We firmly believe that statement. Our approach to weddings is to document first.
Our favorite frames are almost always the ones we had nothing to do with creating

So try and forget that we are there and focus on the moment not the camera.

Its all about the tones.
Every photographer has a different style of shooting and editing a wedding. 
You should be able to see yourself in his or her images. That's when you will know you found your photographer.
We are all about the deep tones, high contrast and hint of vintage vibes. 


Weddings are stressful! We are here to help.
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