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Harkness Park Sunset Engagement Shoot - K + D

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\\ Kristin & Dave \\
Harkness Park
Waterford, CT


written by: Troy Devolve
2nd Photographer: Steffanie Devolve


I love engagement sessions, especially when you get to work with such a fun loving couple like Kristin, and Dave. Last week we toured the scenic grounds of Harkness memorial park, located in Waterford, CT.
They're soft spoken and genuine. Until you get them talking about Star Wars! They are the couples we get so excited about working with.
Like so many couples, they arrived nervous at the thought of being photographed. Most people feel awkward in front of a camera that doesn't overlay ones face with funny graphics or hashtags.
That's why engagement sessions are so incredible. You come in anxious and leave with a sense of relief, a bit exhausted from all the fun and laughing. It builds a sense of trust between couples and their photography team and what to expect when it comes time for the wedding.

The best way to get over that feeling of weirdness is to have fun. We love the dramatic, romantic photos, but we also love getting our couples to loosen up and show their true colors by lightening the mood with some fun activities in the midst of the shoot. They make for great natural candid moments with genuine laughs. When your laughing and having fun you forget that your getting your photograph taken. BOOM. No more awkwardness!

I can't wait to work with this "awkward" couple again soon!





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