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Connecticut Rustic Outdoor Barn Wedding | T & S |

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Tim & Sarah
Private Barn Wedding
Southbury, CT
September 17th 2016

Written By: Troy Devolve

I love weddings that feature barns, there is something very New England about a big red barn in an open field. Tim & Sarah both grew up in the country and wanted a rustic downhome wedding that stayed true to their roots.
​When Sarah's aunt offered up the perfect property they couldn't say no. Their day revolved around close friends and family who shared in the celebration of their love.
​We had a great time roaming around the property taking advantage of the various spots and playing with the natural light.

​Tim & Sarah story first started when Sarah was volunteering at a local rescue ambulance squad that Tim worked for. They both share a love of helping and caring for people. I can say that they are definitely hands on people, at any given time during the wedding either of them could be seen doing any number of tasks.  It doesn't matter what activities they do, whether its cooking, watching tv or spending time with family, as long as they are together they are happy. Their big smiles and captured moments of affection can clearly be seen in the many frames taken throughout the day.
​At first glance Tim may look like this giant imposing bear of a guy, but after spending some time with him he is really more of a gentle giant who spent most of the day with the biggest smile on his face. I wasn't shocked therefore that when Tim planned to propose at a Piano Guys concert he was just too giddy to keep it to himself and spilled the beans ahead of time. ( He still proposed at the concert though!)

​What can be said about the food? I can sum that up in 3 words; genuine Texas BBQ. ( BBQ is one word, right?)
​The ribs, pulled pork and chicken were smoked to perfection and awesomely paired with the many homemade sides that Steffanie and I enjoyed sampling!

​I could go on and on but I think the real reason you are all here is for the pictures! So without further adieu here they are!


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