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Princess Shoot For A Cause

September 02, 2016  •  8 Comments

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- Katalina -

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Written By: Troy Devolve


I've had the privilege of shooting many weddings. During those many weddings there has been many touching moments, both of the joyful and sad variety. I can honestly say that all those moments pale in comparison
​to how I felt during this shoot.
​When Theresa first contacted me and explained the serious situation, and uncertainty of her little warriors outcome, my heart sank.  Katalina is in many ways like any other 4 year old, she is feisty & fun-loving, full of smiles and curiosity. Unfortunately though,
Katalina's immune system isn't working properly and can't fight invaders that enter her immune system. She has one infection after another that causes her to be hospitalized often. katalina is high risk to have many more complications throughout her life. katalina had two surgeries, 9 hospital stays in the last 10 months, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, pain , stomach issues, several infections, IVIG infusions every three weeks ,and several doctor appointments. There is no certainty with this horrible disease and Theresa wanted Katalina to feel like a special princess with her own personal photo shoot.

​Despite all of her health issues, when it came time for her shoot, she was the most energetic and sweet little girl. She couldn't contain her excitement and just had to stay on the move and insisted on picking her own locations for photos.
​I tried my best to capture her personality and natural expression rather than trying to pose her in any way. What you see in the photos is 100% Katalina. Through the entirety of the shoot she was running, jumping, and twirling. She has a great personality and polite manner that makes her one of those kids who instantly find a place in your heart.

As both a wedding photographer and a father of a 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter you can't help but think of your kids growing up and getting married, especially when it comes to your daughters. I think the moment that hit me the hardest was when Theresa explained that there is a chance that Katalina may not live long enough to get married, and she wanted to do a few pictures of Katalina wearing her wedding dress. I could feel the tears coming as Theresa clipped the dress to fit Katalina's little frame. You think of the many weddings you photographed and how putting on the dress can be such an emotional & joyful experience for both the bride & her mother. Then you think this might be the only chance these two will have of experiencing this moment and I had a tough time holding back the tears.

​I feel so honored to have had the opportunity of meeting such a wonderful family and a genuine little princess.
I really hope everyone can take a few minutes and show their support by sharing this blog.

There is a benefit being held on Saturday September 17th, 2016 at the Music Lady in Moosup, CT from 6pm - 11pm
​There will be music by DJ 007, a buffet and raffles.
​Some great items are going to auctioned off including
Patriots & Ravens tickets
​Red Sox tickets
​ autographed baseball by Mookie Bets
and much more
​$15 a person or $25 a couple.

Please if you can swing by and show some support it would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in the fight these guys are putting up.
 If you would like more information please contact Theresa  -

If you would like to make a donation big or small you can do so by donating on her GoFundMe page by clicking here. 

​Thank you again!!














Thank you for doing bringing awareness to another rare disease. I am lucky enough to be in an RA group and follow this precious little warrior. She or her family will never know how many times she & her Mom have inspired & supported me just by their post, strength & smiles. In my prayers daily & always.
This 4 year old is so precious and a true warrior. Watching this princess struggle through jra and cvid is heartbreaking and she is two young to suffer. We enjoy watching katalina post her videos and giving us updates during her infusions. We need a cure for both of her ugly diseases. No parent should ever wonder if their child will be able to have her own wedding dress - her own wedding day. This disease is ugly and I lost my cousin at the age 7 with this horrible disease. It's rare and incurable. Not fair. Please help this family and donate or come to the benefit. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I had tears coming down my face. Thank yiu devolve for capturing these photos and writing the beautiful blog and sharing her story with all of us.
Amazing photos and blog write-up about our Lil' Warrior Princess, Katalina! You have captured her beauty and joyful radiance with both. One would never know meeting her outside the hospital or doctor's office she battles Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) daily. Remember people, "this ain't your gramma's arthritis!" This is a debilitating, life taking disease; please help if you can to find a cure for RA! God bless.... Love, another Warrior
Very beautiful words. Katalina is an amazing little girl who I absolutely adore being around. I am lucky to call her mom one of my best friends and am greatful to know this family. Thank you for caring so much to do this for them. I don't have any children of my own but my love for children especially this one has changed my world.
Elisa Zazueta(non-registered)
Such beautiful pictures!! So glad she was able to do this! I too have the same disease but mine went undiagnosed till I was 28 years old! So glad she was able to be diagnosed but sad she's so little to deal. Wish I could take it all from her! Many prayers for a happy future! Keep up the fight you little warrior!! ❣
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