Devolve Imaging Photography | Wrights Mill Tree Farm Pavilion Wedding - Nicole + Jeff - Canterbury, CT

Wrights Mill Tree Farm Pavilion Wedding - Nicole + Jeff - Canterbury, CT

October 22, 2016  •  2 Comments

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Jeff & Nicole

Wrights Mill Farm
​Canterbury, CT

October 7th 2016

​Written By: Troy Devolve


Jeff and Nicole met their Junior year of high school. They had some classes together but didn’t start talking until half way through the year. He always made her laugh and picked on her when she would fall
asleep during history class. They kept in touch over the summer and then at the start of senior year they finally made plans to hang out and have been inseparable ever since. They are going on 11
years together!

​Nicole and Jeff have a great engagement story and here is Nicole's description of how it all went down!

"We went out one normal night to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Mystic then to see
Impractical Jokers Live at Foxwoods. On the way he said he was pretty sure he left his wallet at
the Plainfield High School track when he went running earlier in the day. After the show at
11:00pm at night we had to stop to look for it. I always tend to find his keys or wallet when he
loses them so I didn’t think anything of it. As we were walking around with our cell phone lights on,
I spotted his wallet wedged between the fence post. He asked me to look in it, when I did it was
completely stripped. I said “well that sucks” and laughed. He said to keep looking and in the bill
fold was a typed letter and he got down on one knee while I read it. At the bottom of the letter it
said Nicole, will you marry me? But he wanted to take me back to where he first saw me and the
track is where the old high school used to be."

​Nicole & Jeff's wedding was my first chance to return to Wright's Mill since the terrible fire that destroyed the lodge that my wife and I got married in a million years ago.
​I will say that Wright's hasn't missed a beat. The grounds are still as beautiful as ever, and despite not having access to their full kitchen, the food was delicious as always. Not a surprise really as Wright's has always been known for their great food. (They were even featured on the show Four Weddings. The couple were voted as having the best wedding and the food played a major part.)
​Nicole loved the rustic and country vibes of Wrights in the fall. From its flowing waterfall, to the wonderful views and the bonfire at the pavilion.

​The girls were relaxed as they got ready at Nicole's mothers house. Nicole's dog Dallas accompanied the girls, and was dressed for the occasion wearing his own tie.
​The guys on the other hand... lets just say they were ready to party and weren't going to wait for the reception to let loose.

​Nicole was escorted to the ceremony by horse and carriage. Mark from Wrights was the JP and did a great job of making the ceremony personal, as well as keeping the mood light with a few well placed jokes. Nicole looked stunning in her Maggie Sottero "Lark" wedding dress made of lace. The girls wore claret colored Alfred Angelo​ dresses. A subtle but sweet touch was the sterling silver double heart necklace that was given to Nicole by her mom on her 28th birthday
. The two hearts are linked together and on the clasp there is a tag that is engraved “Nicole&Jeff” and on the back it has their wedding date. She bought it for Nicole to wear on her wedding day. She also wore a promise ring that Jeff bought her 10 years ago and has worn faithfully ever since.

Nicole & Jeff put their own personal touch on the unity candle or sand ceremony by ditching them both. Instead they went with something that meant a lot to them as a couple and individuals, Jack & Cokes!
​You know your in for a good party when the drinking starts off at the ceremony!

​The reception began with a bang as the energized wedding party made a dramatic and fun entrance to the party. Everyone piled in waving orange ribbon streamers and did a little mosh pit dancing once Jeff and Nicole made their grand entrance. The rest of the night was just about hanging out and having a great time dancing and mingling near the fire. (and what fire would be complete without S'mores?)
Mark & Patrick from Upbeat DJ did a great job getting everyone on the dance floor, though I'm sure this crew would dance to an a.m radio if that was all that was available.

​Thank you to Nicole & Jeff and crew for including me in your big day. It was a pleasure and my wife and I wish Nicole and Jeff a lifetime of happiness!


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Thanks Bob for the kind words! My wife and I had a great time working with everyone.
Robert Habercoss(non-registered)
My wife and I would like to thank you, and your wife, for attending and capturing the special moments of Nicole and Jeff's wedding. Certainly they chose the elite in the field of photography as all can see! The weather, guests, staff at Wright's Mill, food, and DJ's could not have been better, I rate it a 10 out of 10 day!
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