The ST Jean's Family Portraits - Brooklyn Fair Grounds

April 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

- ​The St Jean's Family -​​
Brooklyn Fair Grounds

     I've been lucky enough to photograph this family in part or as a large group for a number of years now. Its never a dull moment and it has been great to see the family continue to grow and to see the genuine love amongst them. These little ones sure do love their tractors, and had no interest in separating from them when it came time to have their picture taken. And like most shoots that involve kids, they run the show! Its been my experience that when kids are just being kids, that they make for the best pictures, and the most genuine smiles and sweetest moments. Whether its running around in a park or driving their tractors around an old barn at the Brooklyn Fair the candid ones where everyone is laughing at the craziness end up being favorites.
​So a big THANK YOU to Janet and the rest of the crew for the opportunity to work with you guys yet again! I look forward to the next shoot.

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